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REVIEW: “Just Jim Dale”


It’s “Just Jim Dale,” so I’ll take seconds of this outstanding one-man show, produced by the Roundabout Theatre Company, that opened tonight at the Lara Pels Theater (111 W. 46th Street). At points, I respectfully felt to title this review, “Jim Dale, At Liberty” instead because, much like the award-winning production starring Elaine Stritch, it brings to light moments from this famed performers life that may have gotten fuzzy in our common cultural memory.

However, dust them off, take them down from the shelf and you’ll soon realize that Dale is a shining diamond in the crown of world-class performers.


Playing through August 10, Dale takes us on a hysterical, musical tour of his life – from his daring rise to popularity in Britain’s music halls, to his turn as a 1960’s pop star and eventually his life on the West End and Broadway stages that has earned him his spot as one of the legendary performers alive today.

Even if you’re not well-acquainted with his work, you’re likely to enjoy this playful, fun and informative piece. If for nothing else then go for his infectious laugh, knee-slapping humor and playful way around a song.

For more information about “:Just Jim Dale,” visit http://www.roundabouttheatre.org/.

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