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About Center On The Aisle:

Welcome to Center On The Aisle! Just call us #COTA for short.

#COTA was created with a singular mission in mind – to provide current and future fans of the theater with accessible information about shows, be it on-Broadway, off-Broadway or out of town.

Our hope is to inspire everyone to consider seeing a show, be it their 1st or their 1,000th – and we’ll do so through thorough and insightful reviews, insider access to top stars, and other engaging and fun content that reminds us just how great the theater can be.

So, welcome to #COTA and curtain up!

About Our Team:

Center On The Aisle was founded by Steve Schonberg in 2014, a self-professed “theater aficionado,” in New York City.

Steve found the existing theater websites confusing and cluttered, with many reviews inaccessible for people who aren’t die-hard theatergoers.

It started with just Steve – but now boasts a team of 15 writers and reviewers who cover a range of events based on their individual passions, which has helped expand the sites reach into cabaret, dance and concerts.

To help make it more accessible and to inspire others to attend a show, Steve created #COTA. It’s with this inspiration in mind that the #COTA team functions and views its position in the great theater community.

After all, the theater cannot survive without enthusiastic and engaged fans in the seats.

Steve has also earned recognition, now serving as a Huffington Post blogger, freelance writer for Playbill and TODAY.com. He can also be seen regularly on NBC New York’s “Weekend Today in New York,” where he shares great theater and other nightlife ideas with fans.


We hope you enjoy the site’s content as much as we enjoy writing it. However, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to continually improve and would love to speak with you, even if it’s just to dish about theater (read “theater geek” comment above – a little secret, we all are!)

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